From our minds to your performance

From our minds to your performance

Born within the run4excellence project and therefore benefiting from the combined experience of coaches and athletes strongly committed to the training process, [4] is a new brand of sports equipment for those who seek the best quality.

We are not just one more sports brand. We seek to respond to very specific needs, and that's why we exercise the utmost care in the design and manufacturing of each piece, to help make each practitioner feel something special when using our products. From the choice of fabrics to the high-level finishing and extensive tests performed in cooperation with our elite athletes, nothing is left to chance. We are very proud of our journey, of the way we get involved in training, where we seek to attain the highest performance levels together with practitioners of different sports.

This new project represents the realization of a dream that we have been working toward for years. During this journey, we contacted many different people, companies and designers, so that we could bring together a through know-how about the best materials and manufacturing options. Each of our pieces is thus the result of a devoted teamwork effort that also involves a lot of experimentation under demanding training conditions. We strive to produce the best performing products, which makes the feedback of top athletes a decisive evaluation and correlation point to revisit until we achieve results that make us proud.

We started this project with Performance Project, a collection entirely focused on running, that drew its inspiration from a project conducted by run4excellence which aims to help athletic runners achieve their dreams by providing them with the necessary conditions to make them capable to achieve the best results in competition. We think it makes sense to start with this collection because its vein of growth, superation and quality perfectly matches that of the project. Moreover, the potential profits from this collection will be used to support athletes, in the spirit that gave birth to the Performance Project. That's also why this collection will equip the athletes that integrate the project, also being, in a way, transposed to the community that supports and relates to the project and the quality of our products.

Soon we will add new products to this collection, despite also having an entirely new line already in the making.

We want this project to be felt by everyone as a gatherer of positive energies by people passionate about training. We want every single one of our pieces, either in a training session or a competition, to represent a wave of support, encouragement and commitment to projects, ideas and people who daily give their best on behalf of sport.